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California Directors & Officers Insurance

For almost over twenty five years, Prevot and Associates have been satisfying the insurance needs, offering residents of CA a high level of professional service, and a range of products that are able to offer maximum cover when needed. Prevot and Associates is able to provide access to CA D and O insurance, as well as many other innovative and ground-breaking options and coverage. Prevot and Associates have enjoyed a long-standing relationship with many of the top underwriters and insurance carriers within the state of CA and as such are able to guarantee the best available CA D and O insurance, which is able to offer the most efficient coverage, while at the same time providing cost-effective solutions for your organization's insurance needs.

For organizations operating within the State of CA, it is vital that CA D and O insurance is sourced. Otherwise referred to as Director and Officers Coverage, this insurance provides adequate cover for losses caused directly by a negligent act, error, omission, breach of duty, misstatement or misleading statement of a named director or officer within the organization, the CA D and O insurance is intended to remove the company's responsibility or liability in being legally obliged to pay, or covers costs of such negligent acts. Coverage of this sort is vital for any organization, as being legally obliged for negligent acts or breaches of duty by directors or officers, could cause financial ruin to any organization.

Should you believe your organization could benefit from coverage from a CA D and O insurance policy, allow Prevot and Associates to carefully determine and assess your unique requirements. Due to our expertise and professionalism within the realm of insurance, we are able to provide practical solutions that not only offer cost-saving benefits, but are able to save time. Prevot and Associates undertake to implement a professional level of accessible an innovative service into ensuring that all your insurance requirements and needs are met. Prevot and Associates are determined to provide you with a range of insurance coverage that is offered by top carriers and underwriters, that providing you with the peace of mind and assurance that your organization is adequately covered at any time.

Should you with to ensure that your CA organization is adequately protected from the negligent acts of directors or officers, permit Prevot and Associates provide you with a cost-effective quotation for D and O insurance. Do not allow your organization to suffer financial ruin - allow Prevot and Associates provide you with worthwhile and professional assistance in source the best solution for your unique organization. View our website,, and learn more of the insurance coverage that Prevot and Associates is able to provide from the best-known and notable insurance carriers within the industry. At Prevot and Associates we are of the belief that your organization's finances should not be left to chance - allow the professional offer a tailor-made solution in terms of your specific requirements, including CA D and O Insurance.

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