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California Errors & Omissions Insurance

Prevot and Associates have been serving the needs of the State of CA for over twenty five years. Their clear understanding and long-standing relationships with a range of top-rated and notable insurance carriers as well as insurance underwriters, allow them to provide CA E & O insurance that provides above adequate cover, should the need arise. Irrelevant of the type of insurance coverage, you required to suit your specific needs, Prevot and Associates is committed to offering an unsurpassed level of customer service, and as such we go to great lengths to make certain that your clientele's every insurance need and requirement is provided for.

Professionalism, accessibility and innovation are the three pillars which Prevot and Associates implement into their entire client dealings. Many sound relationships have been forged with a number of underwriters and carriers, which subsequently allow Prevot and Associates provide your organization with a range of tailor-made and cost effective solutions to your CA E & O Insurance requirements. Furthermore, Prevot and Associates will shop around until we are able to source the very best insurance, that is not only provides adequate coverage, but is offered at competitive and affordable prices.

Prevot and Associates specializes in providing your organization with practical business solutions that will not only save your organization time, but money. Prevot and Associates will carefully assess you unique insurance needs - and determine your exacting requirements. As an organization operation with CA, E & O insurance coverage is designed to offer protection to professionals, such as doctors, architects and engineers. As a professional practicing with the State of CA, it is vital that your E & O cover is adequate to offer protection from legal liability which may arise from claims, that allude to the fact that the individual failed to implement the proper amount of skill, care and education in carrying out his duties. Such a legal claim can ruin a professional practice or engineering firm, if not covered sufficiently by E & O insurance coverage.

In many, cases doctors face law suits and legal allegations which are based on traumatic experiences - and people who have lost loved ones! It is imperative that such professionals within CA, ensure that their CA E & O insurance provides adequate coverage at times of need, thus protecting financial interests and their future livelihood. Let Prevot and Associates provide your private professional practice with insurance coverage that is able to cover all financial aspects of any legal liabilities, providing protection, as well as peace of mind.

View our website,, and discover why Californians have placed their trust in Prevot and Associates, and allowed them to provide an unsurpassed level of professionalism, accessibly and innovative and sourced the very best in effective and affordable CA E & O insurance, and given them valuable protection from liability during legal disputes and allegations. At Prevot and Associates, you will be guaranteed of one-on-one service and your needs will be expertly met and catered to - irrespective of your insurance needs.

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