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Even if the most dangerous item in your office is the stapler, don’t underestimate how often things go wrong every single day! Work with ease because with us, even a rogue staple accident is covered.

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Our office insurance for professional businesses protects you and your team from unexpected events that happen around professional offices. Whether you operate out of a leased office or a building you own yourself, our commercial insurance offers affordable protection you need.

Attorneys, CPAs, Doctors, Real Estate Agents/Brokers & Professionals: You’ll need Office Insurance and Malpractice or Errors & Omissions (E&O).

This coverage protects companies and individuals against costly and potentially catastrophic litigation (damages and defense costs) caused by charges of professional negligence or failure to perform professional duties (acts, errors or omissions).

Common claims allege negligence, misrepresentation, design/programming errors, contract performance disputes, violation of good faith and fair dealing and inaccurate advice. Coverage for these claims is not provided by a general liability policy.

Whether a claim is baseless or frivolous or not, a mounting legal defense often sends uninsured companies into rocky financial territory; a key coverage of professional liability is that it provides for legal defense costs, which can be substantial, even where there has been no wrongdoing.

What is Errors and Omissions Insurance?

Errors and Omissions Insurance (E&O) also known as Professional Liability Insurance is the type of office insurance that helps you to protect yourself from lawsuits filed against you by your clients or investors due to any damage or mistake you may have made during your professional services. It covers your legal expenses, attorney fees, penalties, and settlements; which can be exorbitant for your business to cover all alone. No matter how much a person tries, human beings make mistakes that can be made even at your workplace; and if someone sues you for the damage that occurred by your mistake, the Errors and Omissions Insurance policy proves to be of great help. Errors and Omissions insurance shields your business from cases of:

• Errors in administrations given
• Fraud or distortion
• Infringement of sincere trust and reasonable management
• Negligence
• Omissions
• Incorrect or wrong guidance

Office insurance policies are of great help in case of work risk and recommended to professionals.  Prevot & Associates are sure to have you covered in no time. We can  save you money and get comprehensive coverage fast. Call us at(408) 872-1322 to get expert advice and competitive quote.

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