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Cyber Liability for ALL businesses

Oct 25, 2011
If your business utilizes computers in any capacity Cyber Liability Protection is a coverage you should know about.

The risk of data breach in small businesses is on the rise. Have you accounted for the aftermath of a lost/stolen laptop or thumb drive or a security breach? Business interruption, privacy notification, content restoration are all likely expenses. Any business that collects & stores their customer's personal information is at risk.

Consider how your own business would be impacted by the following:
A shut down of your computer system due to an outside hacker, introduction of malicious code, a virus, or a threat to shut down your system?
The cost of a breach of your customers' personal information or personal health information - notification costs, credit monitoring, consumer redress funding, not to mention the costs to rebuild your reputation and restore customer confidence after a breach?
The substantial costs and distraction of an extortion demand by a hacker to shut down your system and your business?
Financial and legal costs arising from an alleged misuse of copyrighted material or publishing liability on your website?

Data breach has become increasingly common as businesses utilize electronic communications, operations and storage.

We are committed to educating our clients about potential risks & making sure their exposures are covered.

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